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Amino Acids

Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein. Our amino acid supplements range from individual amino acids to full spectrum free form supplements.


Antioxidant supplements contribute towards the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Bee Products

Bees are wonderous creatures that have survived for thousands of years thanks to their unique living environment. Royal Jelly and Propolis are products that are not only beneficial to bees but also humans.


G&G botanical supplements provide dietary assistance through natural supplements.

Daily Packs

Daily Supplement Packs provide a balanced boast to your diet. Our daily supplements contain unique blends of vitamins and minerals within easily manageable packs. Ideal for a busy lifestyle.

Essential Food

Essential Food is an award winning health supplement packed with key organic nutrients to aid a healthy lifestyle.

Kid's Rainbow Food

Our brand new range of wholefood supplements for children

Live Bacteria

Probiotic Supplements provide the body with microorganisms that can be beneficial to your body.

Omega Oils

Oil and Fish Oil Supplements are available in capsule and liquid form, providing a choice of benefits from a range of oils.

Organic Supplements

We offer a range of organic supplements, browse the range below.

Specialist Blends

Specialist Blend Supplements have been formulated within our factory. Perfected over 50 years of manufacture, we have a number of unique blends of vitamins and minerals within single supplements.


Sublingual supplements are an alternative to capsules and tablets. Sublingual supplements come in the form of a powder that can be placed under the tongue, which allows the nutrients to be absorbed gently into the body.


Supplements that contain or are made up of superfoods.

Vegan Supplements

Over 100 of our products are vegan approved. This includes all of our individual vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as many of our best selling supplement blends.


Supplements that contain or are made up of wholefoods.