Our Products

We have a huge range of over 120 products available for trade, practitioners and the general public. From high-quality basic supplements, such as vitamins A to F, to our own unique formulae and more exotic products such as astaxanthin from New Zealand, we have used our expansive knowledge of the supplement industry to create one of the most embracive product ranges in the UK.

Among our most successful and desired products is EssentialFood™, an organic and patented blend of pre-spouted Aktivated Barley®, quinoa, turmeric, spirulina and other grains and plants, plus organic B vitamins from natural sources. This delivers an exceptional nutritional boost, especially when added to fresh vegetable juice. We are committed to developing new and innovative products, such as our newly released full spectrum vegan amino acids, or Meno-Time now with dessert date. Our vitamins and minerals are among the most high-quality supplements available anywhere in the world.