Product Price Changes - Effective 12.03.2018

We have recently conducted a review of the pricing of our products containing vitamin C and the B vitamins. This is entirely due to changes in raw material costs. Unfortunately the cost of these ingredients has been rising steadily over the past months, and has long since passed the point where we could absorb the price difference. In some cases (such as ascorbic acid – vitamin C) the price for the raw material has more than quadrupled. Whilst we always search for the best prices on the market, sometimes these changes are due to factors outside of our control. Many of these increased prices are due to international shortages while factories alter their methods to get in line with new government regulations on carbon emissions and other environmental standards.

Where the increase is slight we have simply absorbed this into our own costs and left the price as is. Where the increase is extreme we have increased the price as little as possible, sacrificing our own costs to ensure you get the best price possible. And in a few rare cases where we’ve managed to get a better price on an ingredient we have been able to drop prices.

In many cases we have been paying these inflated prices for several months, but had not wanted to change anything until the market settled. Therefore these changes will go into effect 12.03.18.


Code Product Old Price New Price
GA010 Vitamin B1 Thiamin 100mg - 90 Capsules £8.00 £9.00
GA013 Vitamin B1 Thiamin 250mg - 90 Capsules £13.00 £14.00
GA016 Vitamin B1 Thiamin 500mg - 90 Capsules £22.00 £23.00
GA017 Vitamin B3 Niacin 100mg - 120 Capsules £9.00 £8.00
GA023 Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine 100mg - 120 Capsules £12.00 £11.00
GA049 Vitamin B Complex (Nicotinamide) - 120 Capsules £15.00 £16.00
GA053 Vitamin C Complex 500mg - 120 Capsules £9.00 £12.00
GA058 Vitamin C Complex 1000mg - 120 Capsules £12.00 £17.00
GA187 Sublingual Xtra Protecta - 100g Powder £11.00 £12.00
GA196 Ready, Steady, Go! - 100g Powder £8.00 £10.00
GA307 Vitamin B3 Nicotinamide 500mg - 120 Capsules £12.00 £11.00
GA615 Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid 500mg - 60 Capsules £9.00 £11.00
GA621 Vitamin B15 Pangamic Acid 50mg - 120 Capsules £13.00 £14.00
GA625 Vitamin B Complex (Niacin) - 120 Capsules £15.00 £16.00
GA651 Vitamin C 750mg & Bioflavonoids 150mg - 120 Capsules £13.00 £17.00
GA654 Calcium Ascorbate 550mg - 120 Capsules £14.00 £15.00
GA747 Protecta - Immune Formula - 90 Capsules £18.00 £20.00
GA998 Mega Multi - 90 Capsules £16.00 £17.00