What are the benefits of supplement capsules over tablets?
Here at G&G we prefer capsules. We believe in a high quality supplement that needs to stay as clean as possible without the unnecessary fillers and binders. Having formulations in our vegan friendly vegetable cellulose capsules enables us to minimise oxidation and optimise absorption. Capsules are more often odourless and tasteless. They are gentler on the stomach as opposed to tablets, and present the option of separating the two halves and adding the content to water or juice to suit those that struggle with swallowing them whole.

Where are your supplements manufactured?
As a manufacturer and supplier of vitamin and mineral supplements, all of our supplements are manufactured in the UK, out of our own factory within the English Countryside in the town of East Grinstead, East Sussex. G&G have been manufacturing supplements for over 50 years.

Do any of your supplements contain GMO ingredients?
All of our ingredients are derived from non-GMO sources. As we manufacture all of our own products, we are able to monitor all the ingredients used within our supplements, which ensures that we can guarantee what is in each and every supplement formula.

Is G&G Vitamins an independent company?
G&G is a family run and owned company that is not backed by a larger organisation. Our independent status enables us to offer unique high-quality formulas that are manufactured within our own facilities.

What options do you have for shipping/do you ship worldwide?
Please visit our Shipping page to find out more about your shipping options.

Where’s my parcel?
Please refer to our Shipping page to find out more about your choice of shipping and whether enough time has elapsed for you to contact us regarding your order. 

How can I get vitamins in the USA?
Our USA distributor is the only US distributor authorised to sell our products in the United States. Contact them directly to recieve our products. www.gandgvitaminsusa.com