Supplement manufacture is an important part of our history. Over the past 50 years we have prided ourselves on offering the highest quality of encapsulated and powder vitamin and mineral supplements.

As a specialist vitamin manufacturer, we provide a full service to our customers. Our team can help you from initial formulation to product packaging.



Health supplements should offer the purest ingredients without the use of fillers and excipients. To achieve this we do not manufacture supplements in tablet form. Tablets usually require additional ingredients to bind and seal the formulation.

The vitamin and mineral supplements we manufacture come in either pure powder or encapsulated form. We only use capsules as they do not require the use of additional ingredients beyond the specified formula. This provides a higher quality supplement that is healthy and usually stronger than a tablet equivalent.

This exceptionally pure method of manufacture ensures that your supplement works with the human body, keeping your customers healthy.

To find out more about our supplement manufacture, visit our dedicated manufacture website