Kids Rainbow Food - 100g Drink Powder

Kids Rainbow Food - 100g Drink PowderKids Rainbow Food - 100g Drink PowderKids Rainbow Food - 100g Drink PowderKids Rainbow Food - 100g Drink Powder
Kids Rainbow Food - 100g Drink Powder
Organic Vegan non-gmo Plant Based Kosher Gluten Free Lactose Free Soy free Sugar free


Kid's Rainbow Food is an organic multivitamin blend of whole food ingredients, designed to perfectly supplement a child's diet. Rainbow Food utilises the finest organic powders derived from natural fruits and vegetables that are packed with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and nutrients.


Kid's Rainbow Food comes in the form of a drinking powder, that can be easily added to water, juice, or a child's favourite drink. The powder is certified organic, suitable for vegans and contains no artificial flavourings, sweeteners, colours, gluten, soy or dairy. This makes the nutrient rich drinking powder suitable for everyone (ages 4+).

The colour (pigmentation) in fruit and vegetables are indicators of antioxidant presence. Different colour groups contain different phytonutrients so ensuring you and your child consume a variety of different colour fruit and vegetables every day is an excellent way to provide the body with a broad spectrum of beneficial nutrients. 

Kid's Rainbow Food also contains different strains of beneficial bacteria such as Saccharomyces boulardii, a transient (does not colonise) yeast which exerts its effects as it passes through the digestive tract. Often found useful for children. 


Kid's Rainbow Food is an all-natural supplement for children. The flavours in the Kid's Rainbow Food come from the active ingredients and are quite subtle, to ensure that it can be enjoyed by everyone (ages 4+). Simply add the powder to a child's favourite drink and they are ready to taste the benefits. There's no added sugar or artificial flavourings here.


Kid's Rainbow Food is a drinking powder. Simply add the powder to water, juice or a child's favourite drink. Find out more in the directions section.


Rainbow Food is suitable for everyone (ages 4+). This product is approved vegan, kosher and soil association organic. Rainbow Food contains no added sugar or sweeteners, artificial colours, gluten, soy or dairy.

1g powder provides:  
Organic Apple 269.67mg
Organic Acerola Fruit 175mg
Organic Baobab Fruit 100mg
Organic Bilberry 100mg
Organic Beetroot 50mg
Organic Spinach Leaf 50mg
Organic Asparagus Root 50mg
Organic Kale 50mg
Organic Carrot Root 50mg
Organic Broccoli 25mg
Organic Spirulina 25mg
Organic Shiitake Mushrooms 16mg
Organic Banana 16mg
Organic Lemon Peel 15mg
Saccharomyces boulardii 5mg
Bifidobacterium Lactis 2mg
Lactobacillus rhamnosus 333.33ug

Suitable for children aged 4+

4-6 years - 1 spoon (1g) per day

7+ years - 2 spoons (2g) per day

Use spoon provided

Use a 'shaker' or stir vigorously into juice or water and drink immediately. The powder will not fully dissolve as it contains no chemicals to cause this reaction. You can also mix the powder with yogurt or other foods.

Do not exceed stated recommended dose.

A food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet & healthy lifestyle.

Store in a cool dry place, out of the reach and sight of young children.

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  • Plant based, organic formula comprised of different coloured whole food fruit and vegetables
  • Contains live bacteria
  • 14 week's supply (4-6 year old)
  • Suitable for everyone
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